Using Technology in the Modern Memorial Service

In the last few years, one of our most intimate and cherished customs has transformed with technology. Only a few years ago, our funerals were still very much locked into the old ways, but it seems that we have finally spread our wings and allowed the last phase of our lives to be celebrated in new and imaginative ways.

The first new traditions to appear in services were slide show videos and contemporary music selections. Instead of a table of memorabilia, people began assembling photos from family members everywhere, creating beautiful masterpieces highlighting the life of the loved one, and often setting them to music. These slide shows were easily copied and shared with family, and even dispersed online as social media made its debut on the scene. Now, video tributes are also common, as more and more people use the video capabilities on their phones to document their lives.

Recording or even live-streaming the funeral for those who can’t attend is also becoming normal. Closing the miles in this way provides closure for those who are grieving from afar.

As social media expanded, it became common for memorial pages to be set up to remember the lives of our lost ones. Facebook only recently answered this calling by allowing you to select someone to handle your page after you are gone. This person may close down the page, or continue it in your memory as you wish. This is something you may want to consider and discuss together.

Grave markers are now adding technology as well. By storing information and making it accessible to those who visit the cemetery through a QR code, a legacy is created which will never be lost. Many generations from now, it will be easy to know the person who lies there through the stories and memories shared on the files. This feature is also available for existing markers as an add-on.

If you opt for cremation, there are new bio-friendly methods available, including cryo-cremation and resomation or bio-cremation. These use other methods to replace incineration. You can also have your remains molded into glass spheres or even gemstones.

Space burial is an option if you have the funds. If being an astronaut was on your bucket list, you may be able to check that one off post-mortem.

Whether you are planning the services of your loved one, or pre-planning your own service, the bulk of the details can be handled online. Many decisions are made without driving to the funeral home. There are choices now that didn’t exist a generation ago. Services have become true celebrations of life, and the memories may live on for many generations. “Gone but not forgotten” is not just a phrase, but a comment to the longevity of information.

If you would like more information on any of these options, please feel free to give us a call. We will happily answer your questions.

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