Pet Funerals

Pet Funerals

Losing a pet can be a difficult experience. Our companion animals are often part of the family, bringing joy, emotional support, and love. That’s why it is normal to grief a pet in a similar way you would grief any other family member. To help you cope with grief, holding a pet funeral, a burial or small memorial service for your departed animal can be a healing and cathartic act.


At Forest Lawn Funeral Home, we are proud to serve every member of your family and to help you give your beloved pet the dignified farewell and attention that they deserve

Pet Burial

Every place has a local law regarding burying pets in private properties. To avoid the stress, we can help you find the ideal resting place for your beloved pet in a nearby pet cemetery

Memorial Items

End-of-life homages are often thought to be just for humans but honoring your pet’s life can help people to have closure and overcome grief. To honor your precious friend, we can create keepsakes for you to remember your pet for years to come. These personalized items are made prior to the burial or cremation, and they include ink paw prints, clay paw prints, or keepsakes that include locks of fur or feathers.


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What To Do When a Pet Passes?


Even when expected, the death of a beloved pet can be overwhelming. Most families are not prepared for what to do when they lose their little friend. We have gathered some information about what to do when the time comes.

  • If your pet passes at home, the first step after calling a funeral home or pet cremation center, is to put a towel or training pads under the pet. It is very common for the body to release fluids, and the absorbent fabric will ensure they stay clean.
  • Your pet’s body is going to feel different. When an animal dies, the body is usually relaxed, until rigor mortis sets in. You may want to position your pet in a way that makes it easier for them to be carried, such as with their legs curled into their torso.
  • Wrap your pet in a towel or sheet. We also recommend putting them inside a plastic bag, a box or a bind. There is no right or wrong, you can choose whatever is accessible as long as you are comfortable with it and your pet is protected during the transportation. 
  • Keep your pet in a dry and cool place, like a refrigerator or a freezer, as you wait for the aftercare arrangements.



How To Cope With The Death Of Your Pet?


Grief is a natural response to death, no matter if the loved one was a human or an animal. For centuries, humans have shared a strong bond with companion animals. Pets provide joy, acceptance, and companionship, they help us stay active and social, and even provide a sense of purpose in life. That is why coping with the death of a pet can be a challenging and long process.  


Some people might have a hard time understanding your grieving process, but the most important part is to understand that it is okay to grieve and take your time to heal. Rituals are an important part of the healing process. Having a pet funeral, burial, or a memorial service for your beloved friend is a way to properly say goodbye and reminisce about the importance they have in your life. Reaching out to other people who have shared the same experience can be helpful. You can seek comfort in online forums, pet loss support groups or with friends.


If you have more pets, try to keep a routine. Animals also experience loss, so giving extra attention to the surviving pets it’s important during this time. Alongside, spending time with your other pets is a way to lift your mood and have joyful moments.




"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them."

— John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

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