What is a Prearranged Funeral?

A prearranged funeral is the result of a meeting between you and your chosen funeral director in order to make decisions regarding your after-life care. The results of this conversation are specified in a contract which is then paid based on the price for those services at the time of the contract. There are a few variables which may change, such as the flower arrangement selected by the family, but most of the decisions are locked in.

What are you saying when you take the time to do this? First and foremost, you understand your own mortality. This can be a very difficult thing for some of us to grasp. It does not take a medical diagnosis for us to be terminal. We all begin the process of departure from the time we are born. There is no guarantee that a medical condition will be the cause of our demise. Many unplanned casualties occur each day to people who got up and started the day with no intention of it being their last. From work accidents to traffic mishaps and many other reasons for our demise, we must face the fact that all of us are terminal. So, with that said, why should we consider a prearranged funeral?

When you prearrange your funeral, you are saying that you have an interest in how your last services are carried out and what state your physical remains are to be left in. You may have something you want expressed during your memorial service or funeral service, such as being sure that the pastor of your choice will deliver your message to those seated in the audience. You do not want your family left with the emotional burden of making decisions that should be yours.

You also have the ability to spend what you wish to spend on your funeral and pre-pay it to take the financial responsibility off of the shoulders of the ones you will leave behind. You can have a say in everything from the casket or urn to the final resting place of that vehicle. You may want to be buried in a certain spot, or have your ashes scattered in a location which meant something to you.

Pre-planning your funeral tells your loved ones:
I did this so you won’t have to worry or stress over it later.
You don’t have to wonder what I would have wanted. “This” is what my heart desired.

I decided on the simplicity or elaborate nature of my service. Whether it is what you wanted for me or not, I will not let you be saddled with questions about whether you did the right thing. I did the right thing for me.

My service is my goodbye. I wanted to be sure it was going to send my message. Every choice of song or word is mine, to you.

A pre-arranged funeral says in the deepest way possible, “I love you. This may be the last burden I can take from you, but I did so.”

If you would like to discuss prearrangement, please give us a call to schedule time at your convenience.

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