Spotlight: The Difference in a Local Funeral Home

The loss of a loved one is never a thought we desire to ponder upon, and often in greater comparison is acknowledging the passing of ourselves. However, when tragedy does strike, a decision for where to turn becomes necessary. This month, we place the Spotlight on Robert Overmeyer, Managing Funeral Director at Ascension Funeral Home and Cremations in Mobile, AL to discuss the unrivaled difference a local funeral home makes.

The Local Advantage
Often times, when hearing the word “local” in regards to business and services, our first thought is quality that doesn’t quite measure up to that of well-established, corporate business. Serving the funeral industry for 32 years, Robert Overmeyer has experienced both sides of the funeral industry – corporate and local. From this, Robert honed his gift in being able to guide people in making some of the most emotional and difficult decisions of their lives. Now proudly assisting families at locally-owned and operated Ascension Funeral Home and Cremations, Robert assures all those exploring their options that there is “truly a difference.”

As per usual with a local business, there is no middle-man. Robert states “with a local funeral home, all decisions are made right here”, requiring “no need to call a home office to get a decision about how to handle a situation with a family.” We all know the typical corporate way of doing business; the speaking and reacting to a recording and not a real human. With a local funeral home, you’ll encounter people who were born, raised and still live in the area - people who are committed to seeing the community grow and have a desire to give back.

There is said to be strength in numbers, and Robert assures those turning to a local funeral home like Ascension, “business is performed with other local companies to include florists, vault companies, casket manufacturers, etc.” This allows a local funeral home to establish their own prices and offer a competitive advantage against larger corporate homes. This chain of local commerce invests and grows the local economy whereas large corporate funeral homes simply do not.

Genuine Compassion – Care Found Within a Local Funeral Home
Your mind is cluttered with thoughts and emotions following the loss of a loved one. The compassionate team at Ascension Funeral Home and Cremations is always ready to walk hand-in-hand with you through every part of your grieving journey. From the initial call for pre-need or establishing funeral arrangements, you can expect a team of professionals who stand ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that every request asked for is granted.

Calling after the death of a loved one, let our friendly staff walk by your side through every step of the process, which may include:

  • Arranging for the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home
  • Preparation of the deceased for burial or cremation
  • Working with clergy, cemetery officials, and others to ensure that everything runs smoothly with everyone involved in the funeral service
  • Guiding you in the selection of merchandise, i.e., casket, outer burial container, flowers, etc.
  • Assisting with composing the obituary notice, filing insurance policies, and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate
  • Obtaining a U.S. Flag for Veterans, Military Honors, and veteran benefits

What to Expect from Forest Lawn Funeral Home
Robert is often asked what makes the services at Forest Lawn Funeral Home different than that of other funeral homes, to which he happily responds, “Our philosophy – family comes first.” During their time of need, families want to feel listened to and understood by a genuine person with a compassionate and caring heart, not told to wait for a call or email. Robert says “when families come in and say ‘I have a strange request for service’, my usual response is, ‘As long as it is legal’.”

The staff at Forest Lawn Funeral Homeworks diligently to ensure every family is shown every option available and has the knowledge to make decisions to provide a fitting tribute to truly honor their loved one. Robert reinstates “it is our [Ascension’s] desire to see families see value in the final tribute they choose for their loved one” and continues to highlight the attention to detail at Ascension in saying “if they [families] do not see value in the services we offer, we are not doing our job correctly.”

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one or are choosing to pre-plan, turn to a locally-owned and operated funeral home to cater your every need. Don’t let your voice and decisions be weighed by a head office or venture through your grieving process to the command of an automated voice, turn to Robert and the team at Forest Lawn Funeral Home at (251) 675-0824.

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