Memorial Ideas for Veterans

Being able to remember a loved one in a special way helps us to remain close to them. Your veteran had many interests, loves, hobbies, and qualities that made them special. Make a quick list of the most important things about THEM, and what was most important to THEM. Now, read this list and see how you can apply these ideas to your list.

  • MAKE A DONATION: If there was a society, non-profit, or religious organization which held a place in their life, consider a donation to them in his or her name. If they were athletes, you could find a little league team or soccer team looking for yearly sponsorship. This will build a legacy as time goes on.

  • FUND A SCHOLARSHIP: If education was a priority, consider setting up a scholarship directed at kids who show promise in his or her area of interest. For instance, if your loved one enjoyed classic cars, then a community college may be able to help a kid who wants to be a mechanic. You might use an essay to select applicants with a topic such as “How my career can impact the lives of others.” If their joy was music, then find talented young musicians and fund classes for them at area music shops or colleges.

  • GIVE A GIFT: While this idea is wide open, there are some things that aren’t considered often. One person we know had business cards made which read, “In memory of our beloved son, killed in action in 2013.” It had his picture, and his family’s photo. They tied these to small bags of necessities, which they kept in their car. Each bag had hygiene items, snacks, and two gift cards for local stores. They gave them out when they saw someone in need. Another family began contacting a local prosthetist and anonymously funding limbs for soldiers returning from duty.

  • PLANT A TREE OR THREE: Trees are a wonderful memorial and you can plant as many as you like. One is wonderful, but a whole stand of trees is even better. NAME A STAR: If you find yourself looking up when you think of your loved one, then name a star after them.

  • SPONSOR A CHILD: There are many agencies which seek sponsors for children in underdeveloped countries. You can sponsor your child until they reach adulthood, correspond, and watch them grow. You can also help by mentoring a child here in the US. We always have more children asking for mentors than we do adults to pair them with.

  • SPONSOR AN ANIMAL: If your loved one was an animal lover, you may find joy in regular donations to a rescue organization. You can support a local community agency, but there are also many specialized rescue organizations throughout. Exotic animals, retired sport creatures such as dogs and horses, draft horses, wolves, and more are easily found with a search. You may want to purchase a therapy or service animal, or buy vests for police dogs.

As you can see, a little daydreaming will give you many ideas to keep your loved one fresh in your mind. If we can assist you in any way in making these things happen, give us a call today. Forest Lawn Funeral Home serves the Mobile, Alabama area with funeral and cremation services, grief support, pre-planning, and more. Visit us online at! Call us anytime at (251) 675-0824 or connect with Forest Lawn Funeral Home on Facebook and Twitter!

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