How to Involve Children in Funeral Planning

The loss of a loved one can be extremely detrimental for children. By allowing children to be involved in conversations regarding death and allowing them to be a part of planning funeral services when losing a loved one, you allow them to grieve. Dependent on your child’s age, you can allow them to have a certain role in the funeral process – if they want to be. Ideas for involving children during a funeral include:

Funeral Greetings
One way to involve children is to have them greet family and friends that attend the funeral services. Allow the children to take charge of having people sign the guestbook and handing out memorial cards. This role will allow them to feel important and fulfilled.

Sing During the Service
Some families allow their children to sing during the service. For instance, if there is a certain song the children used to sing with their grandmother and she has passed away, allow them to sing the song in her memory.

Junior Pallbearers
For young boys, appoint them as junior pallbearers. This is an important task that doesn’t require a child to speak in front of a crowd.

Reading Selections
Another great way to include children during a funeral service is to have them pick a spiritual reading that reminds them of the deceased. If you plan to have a slideshow, encourage your children to choose photos that feature themselves and the deceased together.

Open Communication
Most importantly, allow your children to openly communicate how they are feeling. If they don’t want to participate in a certain part of the funeral services, respect their decision. Children deal with grief in a different way than adults, and we should allow them to grieve on their own. Let them know that you are there for them and they can talk to you at any time.

It is important for children to feel comforted and cared for when they experience the loss of a loved one. By including them in small ways it helps to reassure that they haven’t been forgotten during this period of grief. Forest Lawn Funeral Homev serves the Mobile, Alabama area with funeral and cremation services, grief support, pre-planning and more.

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