How To Buy An Urn On Any Budget

Losing someone is one of the most difficult phases you can experience. Cremation is becoming a more common choice, with about half of all Americans choosing it over traditional burial. You may find yourself faced with decisions on more details of your loved one’s cremation. Funeral expenses can typically run into the thousands. But choosing an urn after cremation on any budget need not become a worry.

If your loved one has decided upon cremation there are some considerations in choosing the urn. There are many appropriate choices that fit all budgets in urn choices.

Here we answer the top 3 questions on how to buy an urn on any budget

What is the first step for me to choose an urn?
The first step is to determine where you will store the urn. Perhaps the deceased made their wishes clear on where the urn is to be stored. You may find yourself and your family having to make that decision yourselves. Storing the urn in a place that reflects as best it can the person they were is a good starting point. For example, you may choose to store it in a display case, on the mantle or in the bedroom. Here are some further considerations on the storage of your urn.

Outdoors: If you will be storing the urn in an outdoor space, certain materials will be needed to ensure the urn withstands the outdoor elements.

Buried outside: urns designed for underground are available

In the home: you may opt to go with a more decorative design if your urn will be on display or seen by you or others regularly. It’s nice to choose a design that reflects your deceased loved one’s personality.

How do I set a budget?
After you have determined where exactly the urn will be kept, you can next set your budget. Funeral expenses are very challenging to manage at times because of the emotional state the family and loved ones are in. We are here to help you navigate this difficult time and there are many options today for urns in every cost range. Before moving on to any other steps in the process, however, it is important to set your budget expectations up front. Only then can you look for an urn within that budget range and not get sidetracked or overwhelmed by other choices. It’s great news that today there are very high-quality urns at affordable prices. If your budget is higher for an urn, there are lovely choices in gold, bronze, glass, marble or other materials. You may even choose a customized urn with engraving or other personalized touches. Urns can be purchased at your funeral home or online, which is a very budget-friendly option and can be as low as under $50 depending on the size.

What size do I need?
A rule of thumb is that one cubic inch of ash is produced for every pound the person weighed. With that, you can roughly figure out what size urn you will need based on their body weight. You may want to buy an urn that is slightly larger than what your calculations say you need just to be safe.

We hope we’ve answered some questions for you. Have more? Give us a call today!

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