Different Types of Preplanning Arrangements

There are some discussions that we tend to naturally avoid. At the top of that list is our own funeral. It seems incredibly morbid and dark to think about that day and what all it will bring. However, there are plenty of benefits to taking care of these arrangements ahead of time. It alleviates the burden on friends and loved ones while guaranteeing that your final wishes are met. It can also allow you to share some of the financial responsibility without causing your family to worry about how much they are putting into the day. When it comes to those preparations, Ascension Funeral Home helps explain the different types of preplanning arrangements and how they break down.

  • Arrange for Final Resting Place
    Whether you have a family plot or want to be in a town dear to your heart, the first step to preplanning is finding a final resting place. Choose the cemetery, or mortuary, that you’d like to be at and reserve your plot so as to guarantee the spot. This will save your family the trouble of finding a place and risk not having an open space. If you’d like to be buried next to a loved one, arranging the plot ahead of time will guarantee the location.

  • Choose Your Coffin/Urn
    There is something incredibly personal about choosing one’s own coffin or urn. To know that you can physically touch and feel the thing that will hold your body in the future brings you to a point where life and death are intertwined and mortality must be confronted. By doing this ahead of time you not only take the pressure of choosing the right piece off your family but also, and perhaps more importantly, give yourself a moment of clarity that is needed to fully embrace our life in the moment.

  • State Your Final Wishes
    By preplanning arrangements you can state your final wishes and how you’d like them to be met. Granted since there will someone else making sure those wishes are put into place there is a chance things can be changed; however someone’s final wishes are held in high regard. Most gone un-granted simply because surviving loved ones were unaware of what the deceased wanted. By outlining your wishes you make those hard days after passing easier for family and friends and give them an outline to follow. List everything from songs you’d like sung, where you’d like the service, what you want to wear, the types of flowers or what to do in lieu of, and anything that is most important.

  • Take Care of Financials
    If you have the means, taking care of financials can be a vital part of preplanning arrangements. This takes the burden off of surviving loved ones, which is the biggest benefit.

  • Leave Detailed Information
    Once you have all of these details planned, write it down. Make sure everything is easy to understand and explained. Then put it in a place that is simple to find and show it to someone you trust to follow the instructions.

No one wants to think about death, but it is inevitable. Think ahead with these tips from Ascension Funeral Home on different types of preplanning arrangements and make the transition easier for your loved ones while reflecting who you were in life.

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